Credit Unions

Credit Union Management

Texas Business Lenders Group gives you the advantages of a state-of-the-art, commercial lending department further enhancing your market presence to your members and enabling you to compete with other financial institutions in your market. And you can do it with MUCH less cost! Explore our website for an overview of our products, services, and philosophy, then give us a call.

Available Services

• Prospect Pre-qualification
• Financial Analysis
• Loan Structuring Issues
• Risk Identification
• Loan Documentation

Benefits of Affiliated Credit Unions

  • Leverage Costs
    Leveraging the strengths of multiple institutions with similar values about member and community service, enhances the ability of individual credit unions to provide a full array of services to their respective communities. The effects of this leveraging make it possible for the affiliated institutions to provide quality MBL services at a lower cost to the individual credit unions.
  • Mitigate Risks
    Risk management is improved by diversifying risks inherent in the lending process. Other regional networks of loan participants and Credit Unions are accessible more via a multi-institution CUSO, than would be by a single affiliated credit union, further aiding risk mitigation.
  • Skilled Staff
    The combined resources of TBLG, LLC will afford a highly skilled staff to guide you through the loan approval process and for the follow-up evaluation necessary during the servicing of approved loans.